Printable - Thai Tea Kit

Post #1 of my holiday gift kit series! With lots of friends and extended family to give gifts to every Christmas, we've had to get pretty creative about giving gifts that are fun/useful but also affordable. If it can be DIY'd, even better! I was recently introduced to homemade Thai iced tea and I was hooked. I can't even tell you how many batches of it I've made in the past month. I knew it would make a fun holiday kit that'll stand out from the usual hot cocoa mixes! It's super easy to make with only a couple of ingredients too.

File Dec 04, 8 47 46 PM.jpeg

The kit consists of a tea sock, Thai tea leaves, and the recipe card from our free Thai Tea Kit printable with lettering by yours truly. The tea sock and tea leaves can be purchased at your local Asian market or on Amazon via the non-affiliate links above. Easily package everything in a gift bag or box it up if you're feelin' fancy. Tada!

Click to download the Thai Tea Kit Printable.

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